Judge Orders Man to Desecrate His Parent’s Grave to Appease Ex- Wife in Australia


Nazi Australian Flag


Only in Australia!

In another dumbfounding and world-first judgement from the looney and out-of-touch judiciary of the Australian Family Court, Judge Stewart Austin has ordered that a divorced man not only lose his family farm, but has ordered the man to also desecrate the grave of the man’s deceased parents.

The man, Mr Moss, says it was a “kick in the guts” to learn that he had to disturb the resting place of his parents following a split from his former wife.

Judge Stewart Austin awarded Mr Moss’s former wife his deceased parent’s family farm in the Southern Highlands, a farm the man was born on and grew up in, in order to accommodate his ex-wife’s ambition of running a hospitality business — all within 14 days.


Not only that, but the man was ordered to remove two headstones and a memorial garden that sat with the urns containing his parents’ ashes.

Mrs Moss fought for, and won, possession of the property, which she “desperately wanted” in order to start her own business. The couple separated in 2010, and lived together until April last year with their children.

To the matter of the graves, Justice Stewart Austin reconciled his decision by citing the “transportability of [her] husband’s mementoes”, seemingly ignoring the extremely distressing and emotionally abusive nature of his judgement.

Mr Moss said: “It’s a kick in the guts.” “It’s not just a block of land or a piece of dirt – it was my parents’ home.”

One would think that when the parents’ left the farm in their Will to their son, they would have expected that the law would have protected their son’s inheritance. Instead, the law has undermined both their wishes and their memory.


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