Dr Don Dutton on the attack-re-Bias, the Media and Domestic violence

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Dr Don Dutton on the attack-re-Bias, the Media and Domestic violence

From: Dr. Donald Dutton
Sent: October-17-12 11:45 AM
To: ‘sunletters@vancouversun.com’
Cc: Peter McKNight (pmcknight@vancouversun.com)
Subject: Domestic violence


The Vancouver Sun

October 17, 2012

The Vancouver Sun has not given its’ readers a research-informed view on violence against women. Stemming back to Daphne Bramham’s piece on August 2, 2011 and continuing with Chantelle Krish’s current op-ed, the view portrayed is of helpless and non-violent women who are the sole victims of abuse. Ms. Bramham says that 8 % of abuse victims are men and “most are elderly or disabled” and Ms. Krish maintains the dated view of “women in abusive relationships”.

Here are the facts:: in the 2004 Canadian Social Survey, 7% of women and 6% of men reported being victimized by physical abuse in the past 5 years”. While both writers allude to rates of female victimization through domestic abuse, neither mentions the finding from several surveys that about 75% of victimized women were also aggressors. Nor was the woman’s violence self defensive, in fact 60% started the physical fight according to two surveys and 40% of women partnered with men in court mandated treatment for wife assault, said that they, the women, had started the violence.

Several studies find medical and psychological consequences of domestic violence for men and women to be similar. The stereotypical wife abuse pattern constitutes only a small minority of domestic violence reports in surveys. The most common pattern by far, is bilateral violence matched for level of severity. It is also not a case of changing men’s attitudes, it is already true that only 2% of men in North American support the idea of hitting a woman” to keep her in line.” The problem is that criminal justice polices based on the dogmatic view have failed repeatedly and need change to a system that introduces marital and couples therapy. I would be glad to furnish the references for these studies although many are available in my book Rethinking Domestic Violence published by UBC Press.

I believe your readers should be given the best empirical evidence, not dogma from the gender paradigm.

Don Dutton PhD

British Columbia

“….things won’t change until men, divided and conquered by their fear, storm the streets”

Robin L. Barton

The Crime Report

August 22, 2011

The judiciary (are) a (strange and perhaps odd) group of self righteous individuals. The domestic violence industry is a group that closely supports the Judiciary, as they get support in return for their myths. Our politicians further support these myths because they do not want to be targeted by feminist rhetoric, as this will lead to a short time in power”

Russ McNeil FRA

Edmonton, Alberta

May 2012

“Luckily in Canada We Don’t Need Evidence to have a man charged with domestic violence”

(A statement to 50 assembled ‘domestic violence feminists’ 13 supporting men and this writer)

Ontario Judge Justice Judith Beeman

27th July 2008, Courtroom 32

Ottawa Court House

“We Judges know that women lie and deceive in family court about issues related to the Father in order to gain legal advantage but we accept that as part of the process“

Unnamed Canadian-Ontario Family Court judge

Courtroom 22

Ottawa Courthouse

July 2006.



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